The Foundational Course

In the Felt Sense course, you'll be guided toward cultivating a deeper connection with your body's innate wisdom. This is a fundamental aspect of Mind Body Magic, and you'll return to these practices over and over throughout the course of your membership.

Whether you're a novice or a pro, this section will offer opportunities for consistent practice tuning in to your felt sense.

A highlight of this section includes a unique process that blends Kara's infusion of somatic practices into something you can guide yourself through on your own. This practice will unlock your subconscious and transform your journaling process.

"Kara has an embodied presence that I have very rarely experienced. She holds space in a way that feels safe, relaxing, and inviting. She holds the mirror to your truth, challenging your thinking, while asking questions to further explore your higher knowing and affirming when you rise to self. She’s incredibly knowledgable, kind and giving. I would recommend her to anyone looking to dive further into their wellness journey, explore greater depths and or looking for natural solutions to heal."
- Peri Deluyn

Meet your Guide

Your guide, Kara McNabb, pulls from nearly a decade of personal experience and training to help you connect to tried and true methods of healing.

Kara helps people get to the root of chronic health problems using traditional naturopathic fundamentals, somatic therapies and Vis Dialogue holistic counseling. She works with myriad energy modalities and plant medicines, like flower essences, herbalism and more to guide you back to balance. An advocate of presence practice, Kara teaches her clients and students how to tap into their inner wisdom and embodied patterns, understand their personal energy and how to release unconscious patterns that are limiting mental, emotional and physical health. 

Her work is influenced but myriad lineages and teachers she has studied extensively with: 

• Traditional Naturopathy with Dr. Bessheen Baker and Naturopathic Institute for Therapies and Education instructors

• Energetics with Lynda Caesara, Zoe Balfour, and Norma Ramos-Ott

• Psychospiritual Healing with Micah McLaughlin

• Vis Dialogue Holistic Counseling with Dr. Moshe Block

• Western Herbalism with Jim McDonald

• Somatic Therapies with Mike Cohen

• Somatic Therapy Strategies with Linda Thai

What is Mind Body Magic?

The Felt Sense course is the foundational course in the year-long Mind Body Magic membership.

This will be a fundamental for interacting with much of the rest of the Mind Body Magic content.

Mind Body Magic offers you a depth and breadth of wisdom in pursuit of full-spectrum wellness. You can read more about the membership here.

You can return to the Felt Sense course and any other throughout your membership period.

Every time you return, you'll discover even more about yourself, gain new insight, and unlock another realm of your personal magic.

Not ready to commit to the full membership?

You can try out the Felt Sense course for a one-time payment of $99.

  • You'll have access to this course for three months.
  • You won't have access to the live monthly Q&A sessions and recordings with Kara.
  • No refunds are offered.
  • If you choose to enroll in Mind Body Magic within five days of registering for Felt Sense, your Felt Sense registration fee will be refunded. You must register for Mind Body Magic before your Felt Sense refund is processed.

"My time spent with Kara was profound. She helped me to reach some deep aspects of my past, then process and release heavy stagnant energy that had been weighing on me since I was very young. While only one part of a larger issue, it felt very integral and pivotal to my own process of healing, personal evolution and growth. The space she held for me was compassionate but firm, I felt safe with her to move into and through my own pain, shed some much needed tears, and be with my self in those hard places while she held the container for me to do so. Her guidance in listening to the sensations in my body helped me connect with and inhabit my own body in a way that felt comforting, where before it felt vulnerable and scary. The personal tools for grounding and healthy boundaries that she empowered me with felt immediately impactful, and are strategies I know I will be using to support myself for a long time to come."

-Alexander Weyer