The lines in your eyes, the markings on your face, your nails, the color of your tongue...all offer clues to the well-being of your internal organs. Your body tells the story of your physical health, including the influence of your traumas, genetics, and mental health.


Our goal in the Body Maps course is to help you learn the language of the body and use these messages to interpret your body's needs.


In Body Maps, Kara will lead you through a fundamental understanding of myriad methods of assessment, like iridology (language of the eyes), facial analysis, and discovering what your ears, teeth, and nails can tell you about your health.

Meet Your Guide

Your guide, Kara McNabb, pulls from nearly a decade of personal experience and training to help you connect to tried and true methods of healing AND have her as a resource to navigate the experience.

Kara helps people get to the root of chronic health problems using traditional naturopathic fundamentals, somatic therapies and Vis Dialogue holistic counseling. She works with myriad energy modalities and plant medicines, like flower essences, herbalism and more to guide you back to balance. An advocate of presence practice, Kara teaches her clients and students how to tap into their inner wisdom and embodied patterns, understand their personal energy and how to release unconscious patterns that are limiting mental, emotional and physical health. 

Her work is influenced but myriad lineages and teachers she has studied extensively with: 

• Traditional Naturopathy with Dr. Bessheen Baker and Naturopathic Institute for Therapies and Education instructors

• Energetics with Lynda Caesara, Zoe Balfour, Norma Ramos-Ott

• Psychospiritual Healing with Micah McLaughlin

• Vis Dialogue Holistic Counseling with Dr. Moshe Block

• Western Herbalism with Jim McDonald

• Somatic Therapies with Mike Cohen and Linda Thai

Not ready to commit to a full year?

You can try out the Body Maps course for a

one-time payment of $99.

  • You'll have access to this course for three months.
  • You won't have access to the community group or the live monthly Q&A sessions and recordings with Kara.
  • Non-refundable.
  • If you choose to enroll in Mind Body Magic within five days of registering for Felt Sense, your Felt Sense registration fee will be refunded. You must register for Mind Body Magic before your Felt Sense refund is processed.